18 January 2017
Bingo Bunny Egg Hunt

Play the Easter Bingo Bunny Egg Hunt

Hunting for Easter eggs is a long running tradition at Easter time and you can now even enjoy playing hunt the eggs online as part of Easter bingo games – trying to claim bingo by being the first to daub the winning egg pattern, or the bunny pattern, to win the game.

Have an ‘egg-cellent’ time at Easter while playing bingo with your friends or family with the Easter Bunny Egg Hunt themed bingo games. There are lots to choose from.

Playing bingo online is always, fun no matter the time of the year – but at Easter you can be sure that the big name bingo sites have plenty of Easter themed fun bingo games, quizzes and trivia and special Easter prizes on offer just waiting for you to claim them. So what are you waiting for?

Bingo Bunny Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunt

This one is simple – just bingo the winning pattern, in the shape of an egg or bunny or Easter bonnet and you’ll win the game and prizes on offer. There are also versions where the egg is ‘hidden’ beneath a particular number and once you daub the number – the egg is revealed. Gather enough eggs and you might just win the big Easter jackpot prize.

Easter Bingo chat prizes

Some online bingo sites have organised special promotions where you can participate and win extra prizes through bingo chat, where you can chat with other bingo players, using special Easter phrases, and if you’re quick on the trigger you can be the first to use the phrase when indicated and claim your special prize.

Easter vocabulary bingo

Play this fun game using words associated with Easter, such as bunny, egg, bonnet, and parade. Instead of listening for numbers – daub your bingo card when you hear any word you have on your bingo card – and claim bingo when you hit the winning pattern. This version can make a nice change from conventional number-based bingo.

Family do-it-yourself fun

And if you fancy playing bingo the old fashioned way at home with your family there are plenty of websites where you can download a variety of Easter bingo cards to use. To make it more fun, you could even use chocolate or other candy to cover the squares as calls are announced. At least then everyone gets to eat a treat at the end of the game, whether they manage to claim bingo or not. Fun for all and a great way to spend some fun time with your kids.

Whichever Easter bingo version you fancy – make sure you take advantage of the tremendous variety of Easter bingo games, fun activities and prizes on offer this Easter, by playing bingo online.