18 January 2017

No News is nice News…

That statement should be true, since the only news I hear around the radio or see on television may be the not so good news dying, murder, assault, vehicle wrecks, tanks, mutilation, etc., etc. Is other people fed up with hearing only bad?

Going to operate today I had been hearing a Compact disc by my personal favorite band which, a lot of my regular visitors knows, is Hurry. When I contacted my place of work I made the decision to change around the radio and obtain an earful from the morning news. The Hurry song, High Water – an beneficial anthem of existence – had just ended and that i switched towards the radio. The very first words I heard from the newscasters mouth were “…bound, gagged, stabbed and stuffed right into a closet.”

The report involved the dying of the Bronx lady, Anna Rodriguez. Her family had attempted getting in touch with her after she unsuccessful to appear for any family appointment. This is a sad story, nothing good about this whatsoever. Sad that news reporters just spew the gory particulars. But guess what happens, that is what helps make the rankings right?

Did the newscaster follow-up with a decent story? No, she continued to say, matter-of-factly, the founding father of the Hooters chain of restaurants passed away at age 69. No reason for dying had been administered.

With that time I’d arrived at my destination and so i was not able to discover if the next news item could be negative or positive, however i might make an outrageous guess.

Will we enjoy hearing unhealthy news? On some level maybe we all do. Listening to another’s demise appears to verify that people ourselves have all over again evaded check your grip of dying, for the moment.

But think about this… It’s stated that things tend toward chaos. Media shops who spread mostly not so good news only assistance to confirm this theory. When they reported great news more frequently they might assistance to perpetuate goodness, and really have an optimistic effect on society rather than negative one. There is no profit in confirming great news though, what sells is really a side show, the dirty laundry and also the dying toll.