2 December 2016

How To Choose Restaurant Equipment And Supplies

Most commercial kitchen equipment may cost your company tens of thousands of dollars. Of course, the deciding factor is the type of equipment and how many pieces you need to order. Investing a large sum of money in equipment means you will want to make the best decision possible for your establishment. Follow a few tips to keep your budget under control when purchasing commercial kitchen equipment.

Purchase Commercial-Grade Equipment Only

The best reason for purchasing commercial-grade equipment is the fact that most local health departments are strict about the equipment used in the kitchen. Commercial equipment is easier to clean and last longer than equipment made for residential use. It can also withstand the rigorous use of a commercial kitchen. Be sure to stick with your budget when purchasing commercial-grade equipment.

Purchase New Equipment

You may be tempted to cut corners by purchasing used commercial equipment, but it may cost you more in the long run since you will not be sure how much use and abuse the equipment received in the past. New restaurant supplies are in perfect condition and comes with a warranty from the factory. Balance the cost of new equipment with quality and name-brands. Technology advances may affect reliability, longevity and performance.

Research Reliable Equipment Brands

It is important to choose kitchen equipment that offers larger cooking capacities, extra storage and other factors that affect your business. Purchase units that perform multiple functions that maximize the kitchen’s performance. Accurately measure the available space before you order new kitchen equipment. Pay special attention to the utility specs such as electrical, gas and water hookups.

Warranty Information

Check the warranty information before you purchase new equipment. You will need to understand what the warranty covers and for how long. If you cannot make a decision about two specific brands, then let the warranty information make your decision for you. Make sure you fill out the warranty card and return it right after your new equipment is delivered.

You may also discover that going green may save you money on energy costs. You will initially have to pay more for green equipment, but you will save money in the long run. Inspect the equipment before you sign for it at delivery. This will ensure that your equipment is received without damages. If you sign for the delivery without an inspection, then you are accepting the item and the damages.

Gas versus Electric Ovens

Electric ovens cook more evenly and baking results are better than gas ovens. They are also cheaper to purchase and easier to install. However, gas ovens are a cheaper fuel source than electric. Many chefs prefer the flames on the gas ovens over electric ones.